Stem Cell Research to study alcohol addiction

I made this site basically as a big thank you to the work of, amongst others, Drs. Jonathan Covault, Henry Kranzler and Stormy Chamberlain (From UConn Health Center) for their hard work in the field of addiction research, specifically researching addiction through stem cells - looking for "cures" even.

It's beautiful to see that people don't see addiction as something that is solely the responsibility of the 'patient', but as an illness, something that might one day be efficiently treatable for specific parts of the population.

I saw this video on Youtube, and decided - I needed to spread this message...

March 26, 2010 -- UConn Health Center scientists, Drs. Henry Kranzler and Jonathan Covault, are testing for the first time, the effects of alcohol and a number of pharmaceuticals on neural tissue generated from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Their research is aimed at enhancing our understanding of the causes of alcohol dependence and what medications may lead to better treatments.

Please, if you feel this kind of research needs to be supported - share this video (or this website, even!) - and let's hope the government helps these magnificent scientists do what they do best: help millions of people worldwide!